It is possible (and quite likely) that the IRS will have questions about your organization. Again, don’t be alarmed. It is helpful to remember that the job of the IRS is to collect revenue for the federal government. Don’t expect them to grant your organizations tax-exemption without fully satisfying themselves that your program(s) qualify. We are more than prepared to answer any question the IRS may have.

Requests for additional information typically come via letter. Please do not communicate with Internal Revenue Agents by phone, but have the agent address his questions and concerns in writing. If you receive a letter requesting additional information or questions regarding your organization, please contact our office immediately and forward a copy of the letter to us. Please! Do not try and submit answers yourself. We will prepare a response to any IRS questions. We will have you to review it, sign it and send it to the IRS. When the IRS is satisfied, a final letter of determination of approval will be mailed to your organization.