Can’t we just let our church secretary or office manager handle the payroll?

There's more to managing nonprofit payroll than writing checks and handing them out to employees on time. You need to keep accurate records, calculate and pay payroll taxes, and communicate effectively with employees. Many nonprofit managers are finding that they can simplify the process by using an outsourced payroll provider to manage the entire process [...]

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How will it benefit our organization to outsource our payroll management?

Outsourcing your payroll can provide your nonprofit with a number of important benefits: Save time Using an outsourced payroll solution is typically more efficient for a nonprofit than processing payroll internally. Leaving payroll to experts frees up hours that you can devote to other important parts of your organization. Whether it is your time, staff [...]

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Who is an employee?

A general rule is that anyone who performs services for your church is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done. The church should maintain an accurate and current record of employees. If the church pays an individual more than $100.00 during the year, with exception of [...]

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What about our musicians?

Furthermore, musicians are not independent contractors and their compensation should comply with federal regulations. If the church can control (1) who performs the work, (2) what will be done (the end result), and (3) when it will be done, then the person performing that job is an employee of the church.

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