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Reasons to incorporate your nonprofit

Get tax breaks

You’re eligible for local, state, and federal tax exemptions.

Allows you to apply for 501c3 status

Contributions to certain types of nonprofits are tax deductible.

Protect your assets

Trustees and directors are shielded from personal liability for the activities of the nonprofit.

What is a 501c3 exempt organization?:

The term 501(c)(3) refers to a specific IRS tax code. To qualify, the nonprofit must meet IRS requirements. If your organization qualifies, we’ll help complete and file your application. We’ll also help with communication initiated by the IRS. Learn more about nonprofits

Eligibility for gifts, grants, and donations

Only qualified nonprofits can receive grants from other nonprofits and government agencies. Also, contributions to qualified nonprofits are deductible on the donor’s income tax returns.